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LinkedIn Is Suddenly a Hot Social Network

Once a Running Joke, LinkedIn Is Suddenly a Hot Social Network… Here’s What Changed!   When Microsoft announced it was acquiring LinkedIn for $26 billion last December, the […]

How Much Should a Website Cost?

Determining how much a website should cost is one of the most frequently asked but rarely answered questions in the web design world. Even now, with […]

Social Media is Impacting Web Design

Social Media is everywhere these days, and it is affecting almost every walk of life. It is often noticed that social media has its impact on the […]

Shocking WordPress Statistics

WordPress is a global phenomenon that has come a long way since the release in 2003. The community has grown considerably, and is not slowing down. […]

How To Create An Effective Logo

Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skillful application. Any designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but […]

Digital Marketing News You Need To Know

Have you ever wondered how much it costs to put your advertisement into the Superbowl or who is trying to take the number one spot in […]

How to Create More Engaging Facebook Posts

Facebook is simple, you update your wall and people will flock to your page and respond, right? That is the dream that every business owner believes […]

The Web Designer’s Guide to Social Media

With an overwhelming number of new and unique social networks entering the market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay focused, or even gain a significant […]

Tips For Choosing The Right Domain Name

    Your domain name is an indispensable component of your website. It should be easy for people to remember and search for and find when […]